How to Become a Professional Photographer


Photography is a serious profession. People either underrate or overrate this profession. There are myths about this profession that it is just a hobby or part time job. The fact is you can turn your passion into a profession and earn a lot. If you have a good eye for color and picture this is the best profession for you. But if you can’t commit to this profession this is not for you. Turn your hobby into a passion and only then it will work.  Here are some tips that can help you become a professional photographer.


Take a pic with your cell phone, camera, professional camera or anything you have. Take several pictures of the same thing from a different angle. Use different angles and lightings. Experiment a little, this will help you to get your best picture.

How to Become a Professional Photographer


Lighting is very important for a perfect picture. Natural lighting or in other words sunlight is best for you. It brightens up the picture and enhances the colors. Play a little with the shadow, check how it works. Natural light is impossible to move, sometimes focusing a light brightens up things more than required, try moving things according to your light.


Contrast is very important, lighting brightens up things but if the light is too much it fades the curves, edges, and features. Try enhancing the contrast, this will help you to get a more natural picture. If you are taking a portrait picture contrasting will enhance the features. Make sure you don’t contrast too much, this will darken your picture.


Editing is an important step towards a perfect picture. Start from the basics, use filters that are provided on your cell phone or computer apps. Once you master the basics you can use more complex apps like Photoshop. Photoshop is a little difficult but this gives a picture more polished and professional look.


Check others

Keep checking others work. This will help you to learn more. Make a list of your favorite photographers and follow their work on regular basis. This will help you to stay updated.

Built a Social Media Empire

Social media is playing an important role in helping young talent. Instagram is very important. Make a photography account and post pictures. Make it public so everyone can see your work. Tell your friends to promote your account. Instagram also have other features and filters.


This is the final part. It’s time to show off a little, show the world what you got. Showcase your best work and keep posting. If you don’t have enough good pictures to post regularly post it on alternate days but never post a picture that is not good enough. Never compromise on quality, this will help to build your report.

How to Become a Professional Photographer

Keep Trying

Keep sending your work to creative agencies. Keep applying for a professional photography agency. Don’t keep up if you get rejected once, take your time. Patience and continuity are the keys to success. Never give up because you got rejected once.