How to become Instagram famous overnight


To earn Instagram fame is not a difficult task at all, in fact it is quite easy. Below is a list of ways you can improvise in order to make your account stand out in the crowded Instagram world. Here we have shared some great tips on How to become Instagram famous overnight:

  1. Name appeal:

The first and foremost thing that you should do when you set up your account is to select an appealing name. A catchy name is one of the things that sets your account apart. Also, it is easier to recall and will therefore maintain your viewership as people will remember your name and visit your page frequently.


  1. Catchy profile picture:

The next thing is to put up a profile picture that catches the attention of anyone who visits your insta-page. Moreover, if you want to become famous it is suggested that you put up a picture of your face. Remember to make it look artsy though!

How to become Instagram famous3


  1. Be original & stay that way:

There is nothing more that attracts viewers than original work and in this case – pictures, while there is nothing more that repels viewers than ideas that are copied from another account or site. If you aim to catch followers, maintain or even increase them, stay true to yourself and your pictures. Put up pictures that are your property. Bring in new ideas/ways/themes for your account after research. Develop your own insta-style so that you can come off as unique. Make it refreshing and worth the viewer’s eye and time!

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  1. Inspire & be inspired:

To do this you must learn to share your personal experiences and the best way to do so is in the form of a short story. In today’s world, each and every individual is out to look for inspiration in order to opt for positive change in their personal or professional life. You can be the server of soul food by sharing valuable insights into life or relatable quotations. Also, you should research as much as you can by going through others’ Instagram accounts. This will further aid you in getting exposure, while learning from others and maybe get inspired yourself.

How to become Instagram famous

  1. Keep your account up-to-date:

If you want to become popular on Instagram and stay popular, make sure that you keep it updated and post pictures regularly. Taking long gaps in-between posts might lead people to get bored waiting for you to post something new, it may lead them to unfollow you and move on to accounts that are more happening.


  1. Engage yourself:

Another way you can attract attention on Instagram and increase your number of followers is by engaging yourself with public accounts. This will show that you are genuinely interested in other people’s work, and will further help you gain followers when other people will reciprocate likes and comments.


  1. Up your hashtag game:

Get creative with the hashtags that you place under your pictures and if you want to get exposure, opt for the latest and hottest hashtags. This will allow your pictures to surface in amongst the latest and the most viewed pictures section on Instagram.


  1. Competitions and free giveaways:

Lastly, another technique that you can opt for in order to become popular on Instagram is by arranging various competitions and free giveaways. This technique will get your followers hooked to your account and fish to become a part of any competition or free gifts that you may have to offer.