How to block and unblock Instagram users?


Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media around the globe along with its similar alternatives like Facebook, twitter as well as WhatsApp. Unlike the other applications which focuses more on the communication element of words and feelings, Instagram offers a flagship within itself which seeks to bind people with each other through interaction of pictures of their loved ones. Moreover, it can also be used to edit, format and share photos with other websites like Facebook, twitter that gives it more of a wide marketing face. So we will show you how you can block and unblock Instagram users easily.

Many regular users of this application might feel and sense that under existential of their friend list on Instagram, who are either irritating in terms of vague pictures they upload or altogether they do not deserve to be on their friendship list.

For these kinds of folks, Instagram allows to block such users from their profile so that they are prone to free sharing of documents involving photos. Following are some of the strategies which can used to block users on Instagram (and for Unblock Instagram) :

How to block and unblock Instagram users

Opening the related person’s profile:

The relevant person’s profile can be opened through either searching him on the search button on the given option, or accessing it through any of the like or comment made by him on any photo. Later on, on the person’s Instagram profile you will be able to see the blue box on the upper right-hand side corner. It’s looks are different varying with each type of phone for example in Android, it can be seen and comprehended as three vertical dots, On iPhone it can be recognised as an arrow on the box which is coming out. On the other hand, in the phone with three horizontal dots in general. On that particular option, click on Block user after which there will be confirmation which will ask you to whether block it or nor. In addition, you will be viewed with the following options that will include:


  • Users once blocked on Instagram will not be able to access your profile or photos.
  • The person will be unaware of the fact that you removed him.
  • And that the comments made by him will not be removed, you need to access another option to delete the comments which will be provided.


Similarly, there steps which can used to unblock anyone on Instagram which can be done due to many reasons.

How to block and unblock users on Instagram

Open the Instagram Tap as an application because you cannot unblock any user if you are opening it on the browser. Moreover, one user shall be unblocked at a time. As implemented above, the person’s profile will be opened by searching or clicking on its name in any comment like he has made on the photo. Furthermore, on the same arrow or box in I-phone mobiles or devices, after clicking on it, you will see the option of unblock users. After clicking on option, you will be asked to confirm whether to unblock the person which will disappear after your confirmation.