How to convert a video into a gif animation


What is a GIF you ask? A gif is basically a video flip book. It makes converting a video into a short gif easier to manage. Gifs are a popular and most perfect way to make your blog posts stand out. The task is easy to pull off only in few steps. Here are the few steps how.

  1. First of all, open your version of Photoshop without opening the video. For this you will need a copy of your video in order to convert it into a gif. Once you have the file, open Photoshop.


  1. Now, click on file. Then import and select the video frames to layers. You will see a menu box which will allow you to change your settings. A gif is a fast slideshow. What Photoshop does is that it takes your video and breaks it into still images, this allows you to choose the ones which will be played together into a gif. Now, if your file is an AVI movie file, you can skip to the last step of this method.


  1. Next, choose the settings which are needed for your gif. The only important setting is the make frame animation. Click ok when you are done and want to start your conversion. Now the selected range only allows you to move sliders which are under the preview in case you want to keep. Using less video will allow it to be faster.


  1. You can edit or delete any frames you think you don’t want in your final gif. You can also move around the order, add text and shapes and colors too!

video to gif conversion

  1. Next, click file and then save for web option. This will bring out the conversion menu. You will choose a gif option that works for you, this will be placed under the present tab in the upper right corner. After you are done, hit save button, which can be located in the bottom right corner.


  1. Lastly, before you save your gif, use the optimize option which is in the timeline view, this will shrink the size of your gif file slightly.


  1. Another way you can convert your images into a gif file is by using online converters. Search for a site online and look up one which you are comfortable with. Now, find a video you want to turn into a gif, locate the part of the video you want to convert and press record, review, save buttons to convert your video. Lastly, when you are asked where you want to save your file in your computer. Provide the location and you will find yourself with a gif file of your own.