How to copy and paste PDF content


PDF files is a common document format nowadays with the ‘locked’ feature that enables everyone to see the file in the same way rather different views for different devices and different pdf viewers.

Short form for Portable Document Format, this is widely used for sharing important documents reliably without change. It was invented by the global giant in software, Adobe, and can contain links and buttons, images, audios, videos, and business logic.

They also have the luxury of adding electronic signatures and can be viewed on free pdf viewers being offered by adobe itself as well as a number of other software. It was first introduced back in 1992 by Adobe Cofounder John Warnock for the very purpose of important business documents.

Now that we have established that PDF documents are the way of today to save and post business documents need, of editing them or more specifically taking part of it or introducing something else in it is also inevitable. So for this purpose, what should we do? Well here’s your guide to copy and then paste somewhere else, content from your own pdf documents.

  • We start with first opening the PDF file in our reader which in this case let’s suppose is our own good old Adobe Reader.
  • You go to the Tools menu in the upper corner ribbon, select the option Basic, which shall introduce you to another sub menu. In this menu (which is the last sub menu we promise) you are going to click on Select Text.
  • Now before we go to the selection of the text for copying, we need to get our weapons ready which in this case happens to be the Select Tool. You can select the Select Tool by right clicking anywhere on the open PDF file and clicking on Select Tool.
  • Now is the time for you to select what you want transferred, so you hover over to your pdf file and select the text to copy. If you want all the data to be copied then good for you that you don’t have to manually select all the data going through page after page. Just click on Select All in the Edit menu and all you data would be selected for you to choose your options. Go to the Edit menu and click on Copy.
  • Now move over to where you want the data copied, that is most probably going to be a word file. Open the file, click on the Edit menu and choose

The secondary option that we have over here is the option of selecting an image from the pdf file for the taking. The process is not much different from the text copying.

copy paste on pdf

  • You go to the same Tools menu that you went earlier for the text. In the Basic submenu, instead of choosing select text you click on Select Image.
  • Now we again choose our Select Tool from the right click drop down menu from anywhere on the open PDF File.
  • Having selected that, now you come to your file and go to the image that you want copied and pasted. Select the image and right click on it. Choose the option Copy Image to Clipboard from it.
  • Now you move onto the location where it is to be pasted, which in our case we have supposed to be Word. We reach the location or the line where we want the image placed, and click over there to get the cursor ready.
  • We go to the Edit menu and click on Paste to place our image.

Now our image is exactly where we wanted it to be.