How To Create A Stop Motion Animation?


Stop Motion Technique is a part of different objects and games throughout the world. This wondrous method makes the object move without an external manipulation so it may seem that you are doing it on your own. This is basically somewhat an illusion and the big enterprises around the world have adopted it in order to earn name and of course fame.

The stop-motion animation isn’t difficult and isn’t even hard to learn. However, the process is long and may be excruciating enough to wait at times. But, learning isn’t bad! So have fun learning!

Opt For The Camera Of Your Choice:

Use a camera with a manual focus. No matter if you have a super cheap camera or an expensive one. It doesn’t matter just have some camera with the ability to focus manually. You can also use the webcam too. Also, keep in mind that the device should be attached to the camera or the webcam properly. A cable and an app compatible with the webcam will also be used.

Install The Motion Animation Software:

Now install the motion software. The best device to install them is your mobile or laptop. Also, the apps have a free trial period so you can try out before actually making the purchase. This way, your money won’t be wasted too. Read all the instructions and the license of agreement before downloading the app and install it only when you are ready to comply with all the terms.

Select Different Objects And Location:

Before using the motion animation, select the objects you will prefer them on. It can be anything a thick string, wire or any other LEGO piece etc. You can use any object, but it should be interesting, in order to make a perfect motion animation video.

Look for the location where lightning is perfect. Reach the full brightness level for better results. The location of the video should be appropriate and there should be no disruption of the inappropriate light balance etc in it. Set up the location and when you know that there would be nothing in the way of perfect video, move to the next step.

How To Create A Stop Motion Animation

Setup Your Devices:

Once everything has been setup, connect your device to the camera or the webcam. The software will confirm whether the secure connection has been made or not and whether your phone can see the webcam image or not. After it is done, setup the camera in a place where no wind or any other person would be able to disturb or even touch it for the slightest time. You can also use a tripod to affix it to the perfect position.

Click Away:

Now start taking the pictures. Take the picture of the specimen which is the object of this video in its initial position. After done, start moving the position of the object a bit by bit with passing time. Keep snapping the pictures. Every time you take a picture, the software will pop up a frame which will later piece together to form a singular motion animation. You should jump between the frames to check the autofocus etc and can also play the rough video to see how the movie will turn out later. In case any picture has a lightening problem or some error happened, you can delete that picture out of the frame easily.

How To Create A Stop Motion Animation

Onion Skinning:

Onion Skinning is the major feature of the motion animation software. It is one of the reasons people are interested in apps instead the independent video makers. The software allows you to enable the previous frame in a bogus mode lap over the picture you are about to take. This feature allows you to see how much gap you need and how you need to arrange the object. In the case of error or the object disruption, the Onion Skinning helps in rearranging the object with the help of faint overlapping.

Finish The Procedure:

After you are done taking enough pictures, stop the camera work. Save all the pictures you have taken and you can later use them to make a video. Duplicate the frames and keep one or two copies of each. This way it may seem that the object was stopped before changing the direction. It looks more natural and feasible. Now finish the film, save the video file. You can also add enhanced graphics and sound effects to get the professional look.