How to Delete a Snap on Snapchat



Snapchat is the most alluring app in the smart phone these days. People can share text and images using this application. The reason why people prefer to use this application is because of its amazing features to record and capture your picture. The overall presentation of the image improves with the help of this application. The problem arises when you send a snap to a wrong person. Well in such a case snapchat has a solution for you.

Delete a Snap on Snapchat

There are 2 ways in which people can see the snap. The first method is when you have a snap on your snap story line and the other way is when you yourself have sent the snap to the other person. Let’s figure out as to how to delete a snap in both the cases

  • Deleting a Snap from Story Line
    • The very first step that is required to delete a snap is to open up the application from the app menu. The icon is yellow in color
    • Once you open up the application, you would see a camera like screen open up. At the bottom right corner you would see 3 white lines. As soon as you click on it, you will see your friend list and their stories
    • You will see your name present at the top as a username. This username is the same name that you use to login to snapchat.
    • Notice any thumbnail of pictures present besides your name in the list. If you see any such thumbnail, it means that your picture is still there in the snap story line.
    • Click on your name and you would see all the pictures you added. Click on the ones you do not wish it to be there on the story line anymore and delete it.
    • A gear like icon would appear. As soon as you click on it the snap will delete from the story line.

Remember, the faster you do these steps, lesser would be the chances of anyone noticing it.

Delete a Snap on Snapchat

  • Deleting a Snap you Just Sent to a Wrong Person
    • This method involves deleting the snaps which you have sent to a wrong person. You can check the status of the snap if it has been already opened or not. If it has not been opened yet then you still have some time to delete the snap.
    • The only way out to delete the snap in this case is to delete your account
    • Take help of a computer and open the snapchat website. Login to your account and click on the delete button
    • The system will ask for your login id and password again
    • As soon as you confirm your credentials, the account will get deleted.

Be very quick in your actions as a slight delay can allow the wrong person to open up the snap and read it. If he or she downloads it, nothing can be done.