How to delete Instagram Photos quickly and easily


Since the Instagram has become a must have social platform. Its access becomes easier through mobile phones. Also, according to the current trend every single thing that is happening in your life must go up on Instagram. However, it is coolest trend and every now and then people love to become a part of it. Also, while uploading different photos regularly we usually forget to think whether the photo is worth posting? Or is it that cool? Don’t worry; your problem has been solved. In this article, I will be discussing fewer steps that help you in deleting weird photos or photos that cannot be considered cooler anymore.


Sign in to Instagram:


To delete any unwanted or inappropriate photo you need to sign in to your Instagram account. Go to home page and type username and password then.

Navigation tab:


Then you need to navigate to your Instagram page through clicking the navigation tab. This navigation tab can be found down side of the screen.


Photos to delete:


After clicking on the navigation tab, search for the photos you wish to delete. On your page, all the images that you have uploaded until now will be available. You will be able to delete them under the icon of “Grouped view” which is located at above the photos and on the left side. Since there is no other option to delete photos in bulk you have to delete one photo at a time. Also, simply tap on the photo that you like to delete. You need to search for button name “options” it is located at the bottom right side in your screen. Then simple click delete. As soon as you click on delete, list of options will appear. Red one will be the first one so you will have to select this option.


Delete again:


Lastly, after clicking on delete option for the first time. Another option will appear again just to make sure that whether you actually wanted to delete this selected photo or not. You have to click on this option again and then this unwanted or inappropriate photo will be deleted for forever.


One picture at a time:

It has been asked by many Instagram users that how to delete multiple photos at once. If you go to Google and ask for this question you will find this question has been asked already. But the answer is that there is no option given in Instagram that will delete multiple unwanted photos at once. You will have to stay patient and have to delete one photo at a time.


Instagram has its unique importance among all the social sites. Due to its increased popularity many new users are joining it daily. It is fun site to share images from food to dresses or jewelry. Many different businesses are also running on Instagram. Hence, everyone is aware of its value and importance and younger or older everyone uses it to spend fewer fun moments on it. Along with all the fun and enjoyment, a problem regarding deleting photos from Instagram was there but it can be resolved with the help of this article.