How to download free music on your iPod?


For many who don’t know, the internet is filled with music and what is more is that you can download all this music for free. The simplest of ways to get free music on your iPod is if you download it to your computer, then copy it into iTunes. Other than this, every week iTunes has more free tracks available which you can download. Here we will tell you a few incredibly easy ways how.

  1. First, on your iPod, open the iTunes app.


  1. Next, scroll down in your iPod, till you see free on iTunes. Touch this free on iTunes.


  1. Here, next to songs you will have to touch see all. This will show you a list of all the free music which is currently available on iTunes.


  1. Find and pick a track that looks interesting to you and touch the get button.


  1. Next, touch on the get song tab.


  1. Here, you will have to enter your Apple id and password. In case you are not logged into your account, you will have to enter your username for your track to start downloading.


  1. Note: Apple id usernames are always your email address.


  1. Once, the song is done downloading then touch play to listen to it.


  1. As you download the track, it is added to your music app.

How to download free music on your iPod

  1. Don’t like the song you have downloaded? No problem. In the music app you have the option of deleting a track you have downloaded. All you have to do is swipe right to left and then touch the delete tab.


Some other apps that you can use in order to download free music in your iPod could include sound cloud, FinalTube free and MYMP3.


  1. Sound Cloud initially began as a place where you could share your random recordings, however, the network has grown over the years. The official app of Sound cloud will not let you download free music yet you can do so by using the downloader for Sound Cloud. The downloader app is free, however, it comes with some restrictions. You can overcome these restrictions by paying a minimal amount of money and then download as much music as you like.


  1. Another website which operates with the name FinalTube can be accessed. This website does not exactly allow you to download free music on your iPod, however, you can stream songs (even when you are offline! How great is that?)


  1. Lastly, you can also try out MYMP3. It basically converts videos to mp3 files and it is reviewed by many users as it works good and suits their need.