How to Find a Lost Cell Phone



The biggest loss which one can have apart from losing someone near and dear is a mobile phone. Although it’s a materialistic thing however there are lot of emotions that are attached with it. One has all his memories inside the mobile phone as these are used as cameras. Also people tend to save lots of personal information in it like the account number, credit card number that comes handy at times.

Some people like to listen to music and watch videos and they use their mobile for this purpose. Last but not the least the contacts. People spend their whole life making contacts and store them in the form of phone numbers in the mobile.

Now as an analyst if you try to sum up the above mentioned usages the actual worth of the mobile comes out to be much more than its actual cost. According to a survey done, it was found that people do not get depressed for losing out their mobile much.

Rather they get depressed because of the loss of memories present inside the phone. The importance of the mobile is actually because of the data. So when people say that they are sad because someone stole their mobile, they are actually trying to relate to the loss of important data that was there inside the mobile.

Find a Lost Cell Phone

How to Find a Lost Cell Phone

  • Call your Number

As soon as you find that you have lost your phone, try calling your number. It might happen that you forgot your phone somewhere and if you are lucky enough to have a genuine person answer your call, you can get back your phone. Chances are less but probability of finding it is still there. So give it a try


  • Finding an Android Phone

If you were using an android phone then you can track your phone with device manager application. Log into device manager using a PC and start tracking your phone. If your phone is switched on, you shall be able to see the exact location of your phone however if the lost phone is currently switched off then this application would show you the last reported location. For checking the last reported location go to > settings > account history > Places you go> Manage history.

How to Find a Lost Cell Phone

  • Finding a Blackberry Phone

Unlike Android, Blackberry does not have a device manager. Rather if you use a blackberry phone it is recommended to get yourself registered with a third party service like Berry locator that can help in tracking your phone.

If you have lost your IPhone then the best way to find it is with the help of ‘Find my IPhone Application’. It can accurately tell you where your mobile is present at the moment however for it to work, the phone has to switch on and connected to internet.


What so ever the make of the mobile may be, please remember to register a complaint in the police station regarding the theft or loss of your mobile. This will prevent you from any probable legal actions if your mobile number gets misused after it was stolen.