How to get and Watch Free Movies on iPad



Steve Jobs invented a very beautiful product called as iPad with an exceptional display and look. Everyone gets attracted towards this masterpiece easily. It has lots of advanced feature interesting enough to engage an individual throughout the day. One such feature is movie however watching these on iPads costs an individual. There are charges for downloading a movie on iPad however the good news is that there are alternatives for watching it for free. Discussed below are some of the alternatives

Get and Watch Free Movies on iPad

  • Upload all your DVD Collections

How to get and Watch Free Movies on iPad

  1. For uploading all your DVD collection to iPad you would need to convert them an IPad acceptable format. For this you will have to download a software called as Handbrake which is an open source software and would convert your DVD format movies to an IPad acceptable format. The beauty of this software is that it can run in all kinds of Operating System
  2. If Handbrake software shows a decryption error while copying the movie from your DVD then you might need to download one more software, ‘libdvdcss’. You will have to download the file in the folder where Handbrake software resides in C drive (Path – C: \Program Files\Handbrake.How to get and Watch Free Movies on iPad2
  3. Once again try to run the Handbrake software to copy the movie from your DVD to IPad. Make sure you do not remove your DVD from the drive throughout the process. You would be asked to select the source, the desired picture quality, desired picture size and destination folder.
  4. Once you have filled in all the criteria, sit back and relax. Let the software do its job to convert the movies into iPad acceptable format.
  5. Once the file is converted into an IPad acceptable format it can be uploaded in ITunes. For doing so follow the steps in the following sequence:-


ITunes Library> File Manager>Add files> Select the files> Check it in movies folder.


Since now the movie is in ITunes library, you can sync it in you IPad   Hooray!! Now it is available for you to watch on your IPad


  • Make Use of Apps

There are lot of applications that can be used to view movies online in IPad. Crackle, Netflix etc. are some of the applications that you can download and use it for viewing movies.

Netflix charges a monthly subscription depending upon the number of screens you choose whereas Crackle won’t charge you. It earns through advertisements that run while you view movies in it.

How to get and Watch Free Movies on iPad

  • Download the Movie

There is one more way in which you can view movies in you IPad by downloading it through Torrent.

  1. Find a legal link in Torrent for downloading a movie
  2. Once downloaded, process the movie with Handbrake software so that it converts it into an IPad acceptable format.
  3. Once converted into an IPad acceptable format, open up the ITunes Library and upload the file you downloaded. Wait for it to upload
  4. Once uploaded, you can sync it with your IPad library. Once synced, it shall be available for you to view it on IPad