How to Get Emoji on Android


iPhone users have been utilizing emoji for some time now, however for some Android devices these helpful symbols stay missing. In this component we’ll demonstrate to you how get to your Android gadget up to speed and back in the discussion. Instructions to utilize emoji on Android.

Apple as of late included emoji on the iPhone as standard, which implied that some Android clients began accepting instant messages from these Apple wielding mates that were frequented with little squares. These shapes were the place initially there had been emoji, however the Android phone had not comprehended them and embedded a square. This oversight doesn’t imply that your phone is emoji-less however, as there are different arrangements that can bring the images into your messages.

It might come as a surprise that some phones can’t actually decipher emoji’s at all. The old technique of typing 😉 required no translation. They are totally different since one is text and other is images.

It may come as a shock that a few phones can’t really translate emoji’s by any stretch of the imagination. The old system of writing 😉 required no interpretation, as those characters were at that point present in the word references the phones utilized. Emoji are distinctive, as they are basically pictures as opposed to content.

No Emoji’s support on Phone

  • In the event that the default console on your phone doesn’t have emoji choices, then you are allowed to change it to another. Visit the Google Play Store and hunt down consoles. The Google Keyboard is free, similar to another most loved SwiftKey which offers extra subjects and consoles as in-application buys.


  • When you’ve discovered one you like, introduce it on your handset and afterward open up Setting, go to Language, then Input and finally Current Keyboard and after that select the new one as the default. Whenever you open a content field you ought to see the new console show up.

How to Get Emoji on Android

Google Keyboard

  • If you utilize the Google Keyboard on your phone, then it won’t be promptly clear how you get to the emoji. To do as such just hold down the Search symbol in the base right corner and a smiley face symbol will show up. Slide up to this and the emoji menu will now be accessible.


  • On the other hand, as console on Android are relevant, when you’re in an informing application you may find that the smiley face symbol is as of now present in the base corner, simply obliging you to tap it when you need to open the emoji images.


Other options

  • Similarly, as the Google Keyboard works, SwiftKey places the emoji choice in the base right corner, seen as a little smiley face over the Search symbol. Long squeezing Search (the amplifying glass symbol) opens up the emoji menu where you can choose from the different images accessible. Make sure to explore different avenues regarding looking through the submenus at the base that offer diverse emoji subjects, then tap the abc key to come back to the standard QWERTY setting.


  • SwiftKey, Swype, and Fleksy completely bolster emoji when writing and sending messages. SMS Rage Faces additionally offers entertaining appearances and stickers that you can send to loved ones.



Texting without emoji isn’t the same. With emoji’s, you add style to your electronic messages, instead of utilizing plain, old exhausting words. Since its commencement in the late 1990s, the ideograms and smiley faces has changed how we communicate to each other. The thought was conceived in Japan and in the long run advanced into the West. This type of visual correspondence grows and develops the standard “smiley” emoticon.