How to increase internet speed?


One cannot possibly exaggerate the importance and popularity of internet today. You have got work to do, want to learn something new, need a new recipe for the dinner, have a movie to watch, need to send mails or pictures to your friend across the World or have to submit an assignment online, your internet connection’s uses has no bounds.

Now one thing that is essential along with internet for your daily work is good internet speed which is a problem faced by all as you can’t ever get fast enough. Though we have come a long way from the KB speed through dialup networks to a speed of several megabytes per second through Local Area Networks or 4g technologies yet so has come the uses that we associate with this internet. What’s wrong in a little extra speed for your internet?

To talk about the steps that can eventually help us to increase the internet speed, we need to follow the following procedures.

What you need to do first of all is make your internet device take a speed test. You can easily find a speed test on google with a lot of options over there. Click on the take speed test and see the result that it gives you in the form of internet speed, download speed or upload speed.

How to increase internet speed

Now you need to match it with the claim of your internet service provider. Is it what they promised or its less than that? If it is not what was promised well then you should try one or all of these.

Try resetting your modem. You can do it by the reset button on the device or you could also do it by electrically powering the modem off and then turning it on. Resetting the modem sometimes improves the net performance.

If we are talking about a wireless internet connection over here than as you already know that such connections are strongly dependent on the signals of internet. So changing the position of your device might significantly boost your internet speed. You should try a position that is close to open air, like windows or doors.

If you use DSL and are a high speed internet customer and use the traditional phone lines, then in this case, you need to take a measure. You should install line filters on the analog devices connected to your phone line.

Be very careful while installing those filters, sometimes they also malfunction. Moreover you should use an air blower or get a compressed air can from the market and blow away the dirt from all the plugs and joints of the wires to make the connections clean. Ensure that the wires are properly plugged in and not loose and there is proper ventilation around the device to prevent overheating.

Ethernet connections are much preferable as compared to Wi-Fi connections. Wired connections offer a better prospect of speedy internet as they can’t be possibly offering you more than 25 MBPS where as an Ethernet connection can promise much more.

In our households we are using multiple devices nowadays. People are using computers, laptops, phones, tablets, TVs, PlayStation and many more devices use internet connection too. If you want greater speed of internet for some work you are doing then you need to concentrate the internet speed on one single device so you should turn the others off for the moment.

Sometimes the internet speed is also related to the OS which does not occur to many people so quickly run an antivirus programs to get rid of any malware or virus that haunts your computer. This in turn too can accelerate your internet.

Try these options on your computer and your internet will not be the same as it used to be. The speed will increase by a few KB for sure if not MB.