How to Make Your Internet Go Faster



Who doesn’t want a good and fast internet connection with smooth browsing, seamless streaming and a lag less game play? All of us desire a very fast internet connection because it makes the life so much easier and fun.

But, if you have a slow internet connection then the pain and agony you have to suffer is terrible. You need to wait for minutes to simply open a webpage or wait for hours to download your favorite movie or television show.  However, luckily for you today I will be telling you about how to exactly make your internet go faster with minor tweaks or simple adjustments.

Limiting Background Activity:

The first thing to do is to limit the activity and the processes in the background when using a cell phone, pc or laptop. Chances are the application in the background which you’re not using at the moment is using your data and thus slowing things down.


Always try and use simpler and easy themes that won’t take too much of your rom/ram. By doing this your computer will focus more on opening websites instead of making your files or icons dance.


Of course, you need a browser to browse through the WebPages so it is only natural that that you update your browser to the latest software version to get the latest feature and performance improvements because the websites also update themselves according to the browser updates and if you’re using an out of date browser it will take time to load pages.

Internet Router:

Like a browser it is also recommended to use the latest internet router with the latest hardware features to ensure that you have the fastest internet connection in your area. Using a 6 years old device in 2016 is not recommended because technology evolves with time and so should we.

How to increase internet speed

Password Protection:

If you’re using a wireless router then it is highly recommended to secure your connection with a password because chances are that your neighbors maybe using your data if you haven’t secured your connection. This in turn leads to high data dispersion and less speed for you and thus a slow internet connection. Protecting your connection with a password has an added benefit of keeping your data secure.

Browser history and Cookies:

It is recommended to periodically delete your browser history, data and cookies to ensure that you receive data quickly from the websites which in turn will make your internet go faster.

Freeing up Unwanted Space:

If you have useless program files in your device then it is high time you cleaned all the unwanted space and free your device from those germs.


In the end, I would like to conclude by saying that I have mentioned above minor tweaks and tricks which have been personally tried and tested by IT experts around the world with positive results and if you follow these tips you will also enjoy the same result and get a fast internet connection.