How to Put Video on Your iPod



IPod has been in the market since years however people are still trying to maximize its capacity over and above music. One such feature which the users want by default is video. They go crazy when they cannot download or watch a movie on their device. To help you out watch movies and videos on your IPod following are explained the steps that you can refer to.

Put Video on Your iPod

  • ITunes

The first method for watching a video on your IPod is by downloading it through ITunes. It is a very simple process. Scan ITunes for the video you are looking for. After choosing the video, click on download and pay the amount displayed for the video. The video is now available in your ITunes library. The next step is to connect your IPod to the ITunes Library. Select the video that you just now downloaded in the ITunes and press the sync button to transfer the video to IPod

  • Convert Files to IPod Format

If you do not want to purchase a video from ITunes then the alternative is to upload your existing videos in your PC or a laptop to IPod. There are 2 ways in which you can do so.


    • The first one is with the Apple software. You can download quick time pro software if you use Apple Mac to convert your existing video to an IPod friendly format. To do so, you need to download the software. Once the software is installed, the next step is to select the file by clicking on the import button in the quick time pro software. Once the file is selected, click on convert file to IPod format option. Once the file is converted, export the file to your desktop. This file can now be put up in the ITunes library from where it can be synced with the IPod

How to Put Video on Your iPod

    • The second method is to download a third party software that can convert the video present on your desktop to an IPod friendly format. Once such software is handbrake. It is an open source software that does the conversion for you. You can even convert the DVD videos to an IPod acceptable format with this software. If your motive is to convert a DVD video into an IPod acceptable format then you would also need ‘libdvdcss software’ along with handbrake.
    • How to Put Video on Your iPod

This software helps in decrypting a DVD which otherwise is not possible.

How to Put Video on Your iPod

Import the video you want to convert in handbrake software and click on convert to IPod format. It will ask you to choose the kind of output you need. It will ask you to select the output picture size resolution, color quality etc. After you select all the required options you can proceed with the conversion. Once converted, place this file in the ITunes library.  Once your file is placed in ITunes, connect your IPod to ITunes library and sync the video to IPod. Now this video is available to be viewed via IPod.