How to remove wallpaper easily


Removing the wallpaper? Easier said than done.

You’ve got thousands of designs out there which means you can have anything you want depicting your own persona on your walls. The bad news here is that you might want to change those wallpapers again depending on your moods and aspirations. Well read this article and this bad news won’t be so bad anymore.

So let’s get started.

  • First of all you need to clear your schedule. Removing the wallpaper is a messy and time taking business. You at least need to set a weekend for the purpose. You need to be ready to get your hands dirty. I wish I could tell you otherwise but honestly speaking it’s a laborious and tedious job. One that includes a lot of dust and mess. I’d suggest dedicate your least favorite shirt for this purpose.
  • You need to get some sheets first. If you are going to remove the wallpapers then better keep the things you want clean from this mess. Cover your belongings like your sofas and the tables with some sheets. Seal it fine using some tape and draped plastics.
  • Now we come to the exposed areas like the plugs and the switches. Shut off all the electric switches and the circuits, as a precautionary measure. Cover the plugs and switches with tapes and plastics so somehow water used in the process doesn’t enter these electric outlets.
  • Now you start with ripping off the wallpaper especially the part that can easily be peeled off. That begins with finding a corner of the wallpaper on the wall and loosening it off and pulling it off the wall. Similarly rip off as much paper as possible this way.
  • Now get hot water and soap and apply generously on the walls to remove all the wallpaper residue that might be still there on the wall. The water should be hot so that it removes and loosens the adhesives. Now the water is not harmful for the walls as long as you don’t keep it moist for more than 15 minutes. You can use a sponge or a brush for this matter so the lather is applied uniformly.
  • Now that the upper coat of the wallpaper has been removed by hand and the residue all moist and ready for removal, get a scraper now. Pull up your socks and start scraping hard all over the wall so that all your residue is clean off the wall leaving behind speckles, smooth wall. Now what you need to be careful of is that don’t go too aggressively in getting it all smooth otherwise you might scratch the all which you don’t want.How to remove wallpaper easily
  • Sometimes the paste with which you applied the wallpaper is too stubborn to let go. In this case only hot water and a metal scraper won’t help you. Apply gel strippers, and then let them do their thing for 10 – 15 minutes. Now when you use the scraper over it, it is easily removed and you get the smooth wall underneath it.
  • The last step that you would want to take, is to smooth the walls that must be rough by now with so much scraping using sand paper.

You have clean and smooth walls now.