How To Transfer Data Between A Cell Phone And Computer


We are living in a digital world where almost every person is using a mobile phone, computers to facilitate day to day transaction. This devices  therefore carries a lot of information which are crucial to users and even some are too  private and hence there is need to have back up for the data and files..This can be achieved through transferring data from one device to another. The following are guidelines on how to transfer data from phone to computer.

When using data cable, the first step involves connecting your phone to your computer using a universal serial bus (USB) port. This helps to create a direct link for flow of data between your phone and computer. This cables are cheap and easily available eBay and at shops so in case you have lost yours you can buy one.

Once you have connected the phone to computer you need to make sure that your memory card is in your phone. Memory card is device  used for storing and retrieval of data.  You need to make sure the phone has enough space to accommodate files and data you want since incase the phone has no enough space the data and files will not be transferred.

How To Transfer Data Between A Cell Phone And Computer

Touch the universal serial bus Connection notification on your phone’s screen. Make sure you tick on connection and wait it to load until it displays connected notification, this is in order to ensure that there is smooth flow of data

Select Mount option in your phone screen. Mounting a memory means to hold it constant in order to view what is in it. You need to know the location of the files you need to transfer to avoid transferring wrong data.

After mounting look at your computer and find the removable storage drive. Computer has several storage locations and drives and hence  you need to know how to distinguish them. Select the data you want to transfer and then copy it or send it to the removable disk

After you are through with sending, go to Notifications on your phone screen and select turn off  USB Storage, this makes the connection to stop and hence you can un mount your phone disk safely. You need to disconnect the data cable from your phone and your computer at this stage..


Also you can transfer data via Bluetooth. You need only to go to phone settings  and turn Bluetooth on .search  for new devices and then select computer. After that you need to pair with it in order to enhance flow  of data. Select data and files which you want to share and then click send or okay button option. The files and data will be automatically transferred to your computer.

You can also transfer data using electronic mails a emails ,When you use this method open your phone and  go to emails.Choose the files you want to transfer and make sure your phone is connected to internet.Attach the files and send to other person email  using the computer.