How to transfer Files from PC to Mac


Transferring all the file form one place to another is a tough job. Same is the case with transferring file from Pc to Mac, the struggle is real. If you have bought newest Mac and you want to transfer all of your previous files which are in Pc to your Mac, it requires fewer steps and you are done with it. Also, to switch from one platform to another does not mean to start all over again. It only requires proper information regarding any sort of transfer and some patience because the procedure may take a bit of time.


It is also worth mentioning that Apple has made transferring of file easier with Migration Assistant. A person just needs to learn it properly. Here is the process how to transfer file from Pc to Mac via Migration Assistant. Apple has included Migration Assistant in folder of utilities in every Mac.


And it is visible when you start up your Mac, when the option appears, do you want to transfer data from another Pc, Mac, or time machine backup. Apple has made easy access to the app which freely available regarding downloading for Windows from the web site of Apple. Also, the Migration Assistant helps in transferring files from a Pc running Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8 or 7 functioning systems.


It is necessary to mention that the Mac and Pc both must have running Migration Assistant. Pc and Mac must be on similar networks to find each other. It may take several hours because it depends on what is being transferred and sources of internet are also included, whether the internet that is being used is slower or not.



Also, patience is necessary and it will be rewarded. The version of windows that is being used is also necessary and apps that have created your data also play an essential role. For instance, book marks from Firefox and Explorer will also easily bring into Safari. Along with this file of images and iTunes content can be brought as well.


Additionally, it is necessary to figure out which files you want to transfer as system settings can be brought as well. However, complications may occur while transferring calendar information, contacts and may be Emails. The Migration Assistant has capability to bring information regarding your email account and if you are a Microsoft user, Migration Assistant will bring calendars, contacts and as well as your information concerning E-mails. It may require different process with different apps.


No need to get worry over it because Apple has already posted a chart with every possible detail regarding what can be migrated just for your understanding. Moreover, when you are about to upgrade Migration Assistant on your Mac, the option would appear whether you are transferring data, and options would be given.


You will have to click From a Windows Pc and press on the Continue option after it. To launch Migration Assistant on the PC is actually a one way trip as it has designed to launch to transfer files or data from your old Pc to newest Mac.

How to transfer Files from PC to Mac


After its launch, Migration Assistant for Windows may try to connect with Mac counterpart and it will ask for six digit code regarding verification. The verification code must have to be same on each computer. After this process, transferring of files will begin. Migration Assistant then ask you to specify files that needs to be transfer, you have to specify them and then click to Continue.


After this, transferring of data between these two machines will start through the apps. Also, transferring of any file can be done manually as Thumb drives will work on both systems. However, through Migration Assistant you can transfer and manage entire files conveniently and of course absolutely free but it requires time to use it properly and accordingly.