How to watch YouTube videos on your iPod?


With the increased advent in technology and applications, consumers all over the world need to feel one thing about them, to improve their lifestyles in any way which can turn their dreams and goals into reality. This is doing hard work on a usual basis as to satisfy their limitless wants. Nowadays, almost every other person has access to the demanding technologies of IPod, MiPad and other similar devices. Below are some of the ways which can assist you in the viewership of YouTube videos on IPod:

Finding connections:

The first step is to connect to a wireless internet connection which can be made by either by creating your own network or connecting to some device. Connecting to some device can be made via the hotspot Wi-Fi network.

Tapping on a YouTube icon:

In many IPods, in the case of 4th and 5th generation made, YouTube application is usually built in the device. In case, you are using an older version there is always an option to download the you tube application from the software.


Downloading Real player:

In order to check in a YouTube videos conversion method, downloading the latest and compatible version of real player becomes essential.  You can start from either the browser or app store. After clicking on the download button on the option. When clicked, you shall have to agree with the terms of conditions. When the installation comes to an end, the installer will ask about whether to close the browser upon the completion of the real player download. Since, it is important closing the browser is of ultimate importance. After opening the browser again, you can open the YouTube app and check as well as to enjoy your favorite video.

Downloading the YouTube video:

After making the search on the YouTube app, you can download the relevant video by hovering over the cursor to the top-right hand side of the video which will see every time whenever the cursor is pointed towards the video. Click download from it.

Click on the conversion:

After the file is downloaded, and the video is been transferred to the relevant media player, than in order to watch it without the access of internet, you need to first convert it into Real player media player. This will change the file to iPod readily made file. Hence this will open a converter box.

How to watch YouTube videos on your iPod

Choosing from a list of device which is under dropdown:

Many people select the Apple I-pod from the drop down menu although it is existent by default already.  If someone of you comprehends the advanced settings, than Apple i-pod option may be chosen and customized on. Otherwise, it is advisable to stick to the default settings and ask anyone before taking some other step.

Choosing a directory to include music, videos and other files:

Many files can be selected or browsed to keep store of the songs or videos which are downloaded. Locations might include from My documents to sub-folders like My-music etc.