Making PDF document working for you


Don’t you ever think that you wish to obtain an image or text from a PDF? Or to an HTML or PDF to Word document? Well … Now you can do this very easily but do not expect to convert a pdf to exe or whatever other platform.

The main role is to get the source of the PDF document.  People generally prefer to receive files in PDF form nowadays. Luckily, you can easily convert just about any file to a PDF for free online using Adobe’s Create PDF converter and highlight text in a PDF document.


PDF full name is Portable Document Format, is the electronic file format developed by Adobe. The file format has nothing to do with the operating system platform, that is, PDF files either in Windows, Unix or in apple’s Mac OS operating systems are universal. This characteristic makes it to be an ideal document formats in the internet.

More and more electronic books, product description, the company proclamations, network information, E-mail is starting to use PDF format file. PDF format file has become the digital information industry standard. PDF has many other document advantages that other formats are incomparable.

PDF file format can contain in a PDF document text, font, format, color and graphics, image and so on, also may contain hyperlinks, voice and the dynamic image and other electronic information and documents, some important structure of the positioning information.

It is due to its advantages of PDF file, it gradually become the first choice of the publishing industry. Because PDF files can do not depend on the operating system’s language, font and display devices, of course it is also the preferred format of ebook and online reading.”Using the right Highlight Text in a PDF Document with the right settings is essential,”.

Making PDF document working for you

How to make PDF document

When we want to make PDF file, the “official” software for the Adobe company is Adobe Acrobat, attention, we usually use Adobe Acrobat Reader (the software is just PDF files reading software). Adobe Acrobat is commercial software, this paper operation based on Adobe Acrobat 4.0, other version process is similar.

Making a small volume PDF file

We went around PDFMaker to make PDF files.   Acrobat installed two virtual printers, one of the Acrobat PDFWriter can generate PDF document, but first before using you have to do some Settings, because PDFWriter default is embedded font, we should make this option removed. Specific means, in the Word choice file/print… , a dialog box, in the name of a printer choice Acrobat PDFWriter, and then click on the right of the “properties” button, appear in the dialog box select “Font Embedding” label, among them the Type1 and TrueType Subset of before choose to remove, and then click “ok”, so it won’t be embedded Font.


PDF file encryption
In PDF documents we can set the user password to forbid printing documents, change the contents of the documents, select the text and graphics copies files and increase the annotation, also can set password to limit the viewer.

If you want to edit others protected PDF files, you can also use the third-party software PDF Password remover. With these powerful protection function, can effectively limit the reader’s behavior, the more effectively protect intellectual property rights.

Set up the protection is very simple, open with Acrobat PDF files, select File/Save As… , choose Standard in Security, it will automatically jump out of a dialog box, here, you can set up open file password, change the password and Security Settings don’t allow users to do (print documents, change the contents of the documents,

select the text and graphics copies files and increase the note), after the completion of the choice according to defined, the system will automatically check the password, and back to save dialog box, you can change a name save PDF files or cover the source file, open the file again to be set by the Security permissions limit.