Remotely Restart a Windows Machine Through Command Line



Every windows machine has a command line feature which enables users to communicate with the system through simple commands. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) is just a black screen with white text. You can perform all the tasks using multiple commands. The command prompt can even perform the tasks which you can’t perform normally. Sometimes, when your windows get corrupted, the command prompt is always there to help you out. So, today we’re going to tell you how you can remotely restart a windows machine through the command line.


In order to restart your windows machine remotely using the command line,

  1. First you have to enable this feature. You must login to your machine with the administrator account.
  2. Now press the windows button and type Run in search column. Open the application. This new window will contain a search bar.Remotely Restart a Windows Machine Through Command Line
  3. Type “services.msc” in the search bar and press OK.
  4. Search for “remote registry” from the newly opened window. Once found, right click the file and then select “Properties”.
  5. A new window will pop up. Choose “General” from the tabs. Look for the “Startup Type” option.
  6. From the drop down list, just select “Automatic”. Press “Ok” after selection.
  7. Now you have to allow WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) by configuring the firewall. For this process, you should know your computer’s name. For computer’s name, right-click on “My Computer > Properties”.
  8. Now open the command prompt by simply writing “CMD” in the taskbar. A black and white prompt window will be opened containing plain white text, generally as

“(windows drive generally C): \users\ (Account name) \>”.

Remotely Restart a Windows Machine Through Command Line

  1. Just type, ”shutdown /I“ and hit the enter key. This will take you to a new window.
  2. Click on “Add”, now type the name of the remote device and press “OK”.
  3. Here, you can choose whatever you want to do with the remote system. You can either select shut down or generate warning messages or force shutdown or restart etc. from the drop down list. Choose whatever you want to do. In our case, we’ll choose “Restart”.
  4. After choosing any option just hit the “Ok” button.


Alternative Method:

There’s another simple method by which you can perform all these actions. But this requires some technical knowledge of commands and their purpose. But it’s not as difficult as it looks. You just have to log in with the account having administrative privileges. So, here we go.

  1. Click on start menu and type “RUN”. A new window will appear on screen with a search bar.
  2. Type “cmd.exe” in the search bar and click “Ok”. A black and white prompt window will appear with plain text. This window will show the path where your administrator account is located.
  3. Type the following command

>“shutdown\[r=restart] or [s=shutdown] /m \\ (name of the remote computer) / c “comment (The message that will display on the user screen)” /d  [u|p] <xx>:<yy>”)

  1. And just hit the Enter key.


The above-mentioned procedure works on Windows 7/8/10. It will only work on those devices which are present on your local network. You can’t perform these actions on random systems.