Top 3 Reasons To Learn Computer Programming


You might be wondering computer programming is basically sitting on your computer more than 8 hours a day and solving hectic problems related to computer language but there is much more to that than this. If you have interest in IT and computers than this is the best job you could have as you get to play with computers and come with solutions of new arising problems.

If you are just starting out with computer programming or are planning to venture into this field than here are some tips and techniques that might come in handy and save you from spending time and money in the future.

Look At It as a Problem Solving Tool

Do not look at computer programming as a set of commands or function, look at it as a problem solving tool. That is exactly what it is, like if you are trying to solve a problem and need a tool then this is the tool you need to solve it. When you look at it that way, then later on when you know 5 or 6 different languages, you would be able to decide which one to choose to solve a specific problem. Because different types of problems require different type of solutions. One type of problem needs more speed and another problem needs different types of sorting algorithms. As every programming language has got its own functions.

Do Not Mix

You should start from one programming language and stick with that if you are just starting out. It is better if you start with ā€œCā€ because it is challenging and you learn all the basics like pointers and stuff. But you can start from anything you want. You can start from PHP, Visual basic, Java, or anything. The bottom line is to start from one programming language and do not incorporate everything else together because that is just going to confuse you.

Keep Your Code Clean

There is a tendency in beginners to overcomplicate codes. It is good in a way as it shows the level of your passion about it but what is bad about that is that end up with a spaghetti code. Use understandable variable names and do not make them too long which causes you to scroll to right all the time. Because if something is too complicated you have to break it down, it is going to come back at you later on when you are trying to debug it or connect it to some other program.

Top 3 Reasons To Learn Computer Programming

Test Your Codes

A lot of beginners do not test their codes before moving on. So, when you are writing a couple of lines of codes, please debug it and make sure it works. Because if something goes wrong like a syntax problem or a logical problem you have to go all the way back where you made that specific mistake and it could be tedious. So try to write and test every time you write a few sentences.