Easy Setps On How To Block A Number iPhone


One can say without doubt that communication has come a long way and to get in touch with people you want and connecting with someone is as easy as it could get. Now you can talk to anyone you want in any corner of the world with ease.

Having stated that, easy communication has also led to unwanted communication as well. People are sometimes annoyed by approach of someone to contact them through calls or messages. This might be due to a number of reasons including your busy schedule, your relation with the person or your current emotional state etc.

Whatever the reason be you might want to block the number you’re annoyed with. Now this can be somewhat tricky if you are an iPhone user. So after you go through this article you’ll be able to block a number on iPhone easily.

Blocking on iPhone can be categorized into a number of options. You can either block contacts on an IPhone or an iPad. You can also block phone calls or messages on your device. If you want you can also block Facetime calls and imessages only. Follow these steps to know how to block a number iphone

  • To begin with we’d learn how to block a contact on an iphone. It’s quite simple. We go to the Settings in the menu of the phone. Select Phone in the Settings and go the Blocked option there. We have an Add New option there to select. As soon as we click a new window opens which is the All Contacts window. You scroll below on the list to see the names that you want added to the blocked list. Now you will be returned to the blocked window but this time the contact that you selected would be added to the list of blocked contacts.
  • Suppose you wat to block someone in the messages or facetime calling list. Well don’t worry because we have an option for that too. Most of the procedure is quite similar to what you did to block a contact before. Instead of selecting Phone over there you select messages or Facetime.

Easy Setps To Block A Number On iPhone

  • If the contact that you need blocked is not there in your contacts list then we have an alternative method to go to. Launch the app. It might be the Phone app or the Message app depending where the number is that you want to block. Go to Recent Calls in the Phone app and to the Chat in the Message app. Find the number that you want to block and look for the info icon in front of it which is the small blue i. Scroll down to the bottom of the page on the info section. At the bottom of the page you’ll find the option of Block Contact. Click on it and your task is done.
  • To unblock a contact, go to settings and the Blocked list that has been explained in the first method. The list of blocked contacts will appear. There is and Edit in the top right corner of the screen. A red delete button would appear to the left of the name of contact. Click on it to unblock the contact.
  • The last point to add in this article is a general question which might arise in some minds. The question being that would a person know if he has been blocked by someone? Simply no. but yes a more perceptive observant person might notice that they can’t reach you.

All their calls would go to voice mails indefinitely. But they won’t have anything on you. Thanks to your smart move of using the block option.

Their messages would be sent and shown delivered just like usual but they won’t be delivered to you rather save in the blocked folder. Now you know how to block a number iphone so Happy Blocking !