How To Access A Router?


Setting up the router is the most basic and important part while setting up your home internet or network connections. Obviously, whole of the base is going to depend on it. You have to make sure that all the connections are perfectly made and secure so that you can access it without any further problems. The booklet or the user manual provided along with the router describing how to set it up is extremely difficult. In order to make it easier and swifter for you, we have explained the process below. Read how:

Connect The Router And Modem:

The router is the medium between your computer, laptops, mobiles etc and the modem. The modem generates the internet connection while router makes it easy for the connection to be submitted to your devices without the help of wires. In order to make this connection, plug both router and modem to the power cables. When done, plug one of the network cables to the modem and the other should be attached to the router. There are several ports in a router but you have to attach it to the port which mentions WLAN, WAN and Internet. Connect the cable to any of the title mentioned.

How To Access A Router

Software Installation:

The software depends on the model of the router you have. Some of the routers require you to install the specific software on your devices. It is not required typically but if you have received the details than install the software into your software.

Make The Connection Between The Computer And The Router:

In order to make this, you either need a Wi-Fi connection or an Ethernet cable. Both of them can act as the connection between the devices. In a case that you are connecting the router for the first time, you need to connect the computer or the device with the help of Ethernet. Ethernet connection is used so that you can easily configure the wireless network and it can be used without any problem and hassle.

Coming to the connection and the settings, the ordinary Ethernet ports mentioned in the router are commonly numbered as 1,2,3,4 and so on depending upon the type of router bought. However, in any case the port which cannot be connected to modem can be used for Ethernet. In such situation, do not make connection to “WAN,” “WLAN,” or “Internet”. Rest will work perfectly. Now make the connection with the help of cable between the cable’s ends to the Ethernet port available on the computer.

Access The Router:

How To Access A Router

After setting up the system, go to the browser and type the address of your router and search. The search will give you a detailed access to the router’s settings. Now a menu will pop up asking for the username and the password. Most of the times, the router settings have the username as admin and the password is also ‘password’. This is due to the users who want to configure by themselves, it makes the settings easy for them. However, the details can also be found in the user manual you have received along with the router.

Configure The Settings:

After you are done setting up the username and the password, different configurations and network settings will pop up. Do as per the requirements or your wish. When done connect it to the Wi-Fi and secure it with your personal username and password.