How to become a new article booster on


New article boosters or NAB-ers or NAB-iesas on it is called in short form are writers who go over the articles by using this article booster tool. They focus on the quality of materials and authenticity of it by using this tool.

Coordination between the plagiarism tool, new article booster tool and keeping sure of quality is the main criteria. This tool helps new writers in welcoming them with their ideas and thoughts and encouraging them to write and help serve the community. Welcoming them to a community and helping them adjust help new writers become better confident writers and make them focused and make them enthusiastic writers.

Helping solve problems of new writers and providing information regarding a particular topic is also done by this tool. Its guides them and put them on the right track.


There are steps in becoming a new article booster on firstly before taking the test one should have an account at least one month old with more than 300 contributions and a valid working email address.

Studying the policies regarding editing, merging, adding external links or handling data should be done. This also requires excellent copy editing skills whether the article is good or bad or need changes or is good as it is.

It requires lot of judgement and clear mindedness. Great communication skill is an added advantage because giving suggestions and improving writer’s articles, criticizing them by writing notes to them will be required.

This basically let experiences editors help new ones in order to grab more attention to readers and increase view ship of the article. After taking the NAB test which is based on MCQs one has to wait for an email if he fails he has to take it again after two weeks.

How to become a new article booster on

After passing he will go on to part two of the test which include policies and editing questions. The result will be given in one week’s time and after that the third part includes demonstration of certain boosting technique to show whether the individual can do this in practical.

A practice NAB test is also provided and should be taken to get a better understanding of the test. Always read the policies and understand it because questions come in the test regarding policies.