How to Copy Music From Your iPod to Your Computer


Learning how to transfer music to your iPod is simple! Learning how to exchange music from your iPod to your computer is somewhat harder, yet it should be possible.

Transfer Music From Your iPod to Your Computer
Transfer Music From Your iPod to Your Computer

The coolest aspect regarding the iPod is that you have your music readily available, constantly. So why might you need to transfer the music from your iPod back to your PC? There are numerous reasons. If your PC hard drive slammed and you needed to get another one, you may have lost all your music records. Your trusty iPod, be that as it may, has all of them! That is one of the numerous great motivations to transfer music forward and backward from your iPod to your computer.

Whether you got another PC or bought music on one of your gadgets you can copy music from your gadgets to your PC in a few routes through iCloud, iTunes Match, and by means of USB. The following are the methods of how to copy Music from your iPod to your computer.

Use iTunes to transfer Music from your iPod to your Computer:

  • Open iTunes by clicking on the iTunes Store:

To transfer music from iPod to the computer first open iTunes by clicking on the iTunes store. As of now, utilizing iCloud is the most straightforward approach to copy any music from your iPod to your PC as it uses the cloud to monitor and store your music. Putting away your music in the cloud will permit the majority of your music to synchronize over your gadgets.

Ipod transfer
Ipod transfer


You will now be in the iTunes store where you can see new music and access your record of the account after sign in.

  • Sign in with the same Apple ID:

It is essential to sign in with the same apple ID. If you are signed in as of now you will see your name on the upper right-hand side of iTunes, just to one side of the pursuit bar. Your name will show up beside an icon of a man if you are signed in previously.

If you are not signed in, you ought to see a Login option.


  • Go into your Melodies:

This is the place you can see the greater part of the melodies that you’ve purchased. You will likewise see choices to see the majority of your music or just music that isn’t on your PC.

  • On the right-hand side of the iTunes store purchased button is present under “Music Quick Links”.
  • You can likewise get to your obtained music by tapping on your profile and afterward clicking “Purchased”

    Ipod backup
    Ipod backup
  • Adjust all your Music to iTunes on your PC:

The straightforward approach to getting music that you’ve acquired on your iPod is to ensure they are associated with the same Apple ID and downloaded onto your PC. Anything that you’ve acquired on any gadget ought to appear for you to sync.


  • Towards the highest point of your screen, you will two tabs: “All” and “Not in My Library”. On the off chance that you simply need to guarantee that buys you haven’t made on your PC get downloaded then pick that tab.


  • Click a download all button and adjust all music.


So these are the methods to copy Music from your iPod to your Computer.