How To Implant A Fake And Harmless Virus To Fool Others? Here’s How!


Viruses are one thing we hate most about our technologies, nowadays. Don’t we? However, with so much around the corner in the advancement block we have almost forgotten that such things don’t exist now.

Well, that was a joke! But, virus blockers and tons of anti-viruses have totally made it impossible to affect your system. But sometimes you need to plant a virus in your friend’s computer in order to get leverage in a fight or to prank your sister. Don’t we all love some silly, little pranks here and there?

But, planting a harmless and easy virus may not be a cup of tea for everyone. This is why we, at WebiHow, have found a way to make it easy for you. In order to plant a perfect but harmless, little virus in anyone’s system follow the following steps;

Choose Setup For The Virus:

First of all you need to reap some seeds of your virus inside the computer system. Go to Notepad as it allows easy text input with less formatting. Those users who are using a Macintosh Computer can use TextEdit in substitute of Notepad.

Implant The Basis Of a Virus:

In order to start the functioning of the virus, copy the following texts without any further additions and subtractions;

@echo off

Echo Message here.

Shutdown -s -f -t 60 -c “In this inverted comma section, you will type any message you want to setup in the form of a virus.”

Make Changes:

This is it. On the text front you are done. Now make changes and save the file you have written across the notepad. For that go to “File” and choose “Save As”. Now, a screen will appear indicating you to save your file along with its name. Choose whatever name you want to keep of your file. Along with the file name you have chosen, there will be a .txt bar. Suppose you have chosen “ABC” as your file name, the file name written over there will be “ABC.txt”.

fake computer virus

You have to change this format. For this, there will be a “Save as Type” option just below your file name. From there, “All Files”. Now save the document along with the name and format changes. Done? Now close the notepad and come back to the original screen for the final stages of your evil plan.

Making Fake Icons And Scripts:

You have to make a fake shortcut folder on your desktop now. It is as easy as it can be. You have to simply right click on your desktop. After the click, some options will appear. Choose “New” and their will sprang open a “Shortcut” folder. Create it. The screen will ask you about the document you want to make shortcut for. Willingly type the name of the document you have created earlier. Click “Next” to continue.

Location And Implanting The Virus:

Choose the location where you to want to set your fake and harmless virus. After option for the location click Next. Again, the dialogue box will ask if you want to name the shortcut or not. Type the name you want and proceed further. Remember that choose a name which is vulnerable to more clicks. It means that the people who use the computer are willing to open it and get fooled. After selecting click “Finish”.

Finalizing The Fake And Harmless Virus!

Now, you have to make the document look like a genuine virus. In order to do that, right click on the shortcut you have just made and choose the ‘Properties” option. Select the “Choose Icon” tab and scroll through different icons mentioned. Choose an icon as effective, real and system related as possible and save changes.

This is it! You have succeeded in implanting your fake and harmless virus into a computer. Now make innocent people fool and remember when they ask you for your help, don’t let that evil grin spread across your face. Do let us know about your experience with the virus in the comments section.