How to make your Own Omegle bot in 4 easy steps


There is another new website on internet now a days which connects strangers in seconds . The coolest thing is you don’t need any account , sign up , email verification etc. Just go and start chatting.
There is a fun way to prank people on omegle using Omegle bot . it is also called omegle chat bot.

Now you must be thinking its very hard to build or you need programming skills , hell no.
you just need to follow 5 steps , yeah just 5 steps . Here they are:

1- Download and install a program called “python” from
2- No go to Google code download site and Download the “Pyomegle Updated” files, its actually a script.
3- Now try Opening “Python Interpreter,” this is a script reading extension comes with Python.
4- Now what you need to do is drag the “Pyomegle” script data(files) in “Python interpreter.”
Congratulations you Omegle bot is ready to run . How easy was that. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now when ever you want to stop the omegle chat bot then just Exit “Python Interpreter” and it will stop.

This chat bot will make users think that its a real person and they will keep chatting . abit from technical side that
this bot is based on Artificial Intelligence Markup Language in short called AIML and we used ready made python script to
run it.

omegle chat bot making

So enjoy pranking and do let us know how it went…:)

by the way ,ย Omegle can optionally be joined by using a Fb account to empower certain features. Currently, Fb integration is utilized for the subsequent uses.

Omegle video chat requires a direct connection to be produced involving your Computer system and one other consumer’s Personal computer. To do that, it’s important to create your IP deal with available to another user’s Laptop, even though it is not proven to one other consumer by Omegle’s interface.


    • Thanks for your suggestion nick but patching is harder way to do it. I tried to simplified the method as much as possible so a newbie can also do it easily. patching requires code modification as well which is not newbie friendly.