How to Record From Webcam – Easy Way


You can record from a webcam using windows movie maker. Using this method, first check

your webcam to make sure that it is plugged into universal serial bus (USB) port in case you

are using an external camera. Point your camera toward you and place it nearer as possible

for it to capture quality audio. adjust all input volumes to their highest peak and ensure that

all mute settings are off. In the menu tab, open videos movie maker and click web camera.

Then click the record button to enable you start taking movies and snaps. For instance, If you

want to save your videos just click the Stop button and then rename your captured video as

you wish and Save it on your library. Finally, the video which you had recorded earlier will

automatically appear in your video timelines. You can click on the play button to review

them .also after saving, you can have editing tools to decorate your video.

Also the other method is recording from a webcam using debut video capture. when using

this method you first need to Download the debut video software by clicking on the

download links which are found on the page. When you are asked to save or run the

application, choose to run. Before you run it, agree to the end user licenses. Wait until the

debut to detects your webcam and then record sound with your video. Automatically this

software will request you to configure out your audio settings. Once you are complete with

this, you will be able to see the debut main interfaces and this assure you that you are nearly

ready to start recording.

Next step is to select the format in which you wish to record to. Debut software allows you

to record your images in the following formats: avi, mpg, 3gp, mp4 and fly. In addition, you

can also choose from various encoders advanced settings for each of the format. If you want

to record to the mpg4 format, debut features will reset the coding options for moveable

devices such as PSPs, Xbox 360s and more. In case you record to burn to DVD choose .mpg

and the encoder settings will change to default DVD quality. For you to change the

encoding settings you need to click the little icon which is next to the drop down box in order

to open a settings dialogue.

Adjust the brightness of the camera and contrast as needed. Click on the little sun icon

appearing on the small tool bar. In this search box, you can also choose to add a text caption

to the video. Then Select the output folder which you want your video to be saved. You need

to Click the Setting button in the main toolbar and then click the Output box in the settings

dialogue box. You can also change the destination folder and the output file. And click okay

button when you are through. Finally you can use F5 key to start recording.