How to Right Click on a MacBook



MacBook is a wonderful product invented by Steve Jobs. Anyone can fall in love with its look however the way its function, lot of new users get puzzled up.  Both the users as well MacBook are right in their own place. Users have been using the adage laptop that had different buttons for the left click and right click and on the other hand Steve jobs hated button and therefore did not provide any distinct left click or a right click however created an easy mechanism to do so.

Doing the right click is not difficult however it requires one to understand the right trick or the mechanism to do so. Although Steve jobs did not give the external appearance same as the adage laptop however he took care of this issue and gave alternate but equally easy options to solve the problem. Shared below are the steps to do so.

Mechanism of doing a Right Click

  • Control Button


One of the few ways of doing a right click in MacBook is to use a control button that is placed just next to the options button. Take the cursor to the object that needs to be selected, place it on the object. Once the pointer is on its desired place press the control key on the keyboard and simultaneously press anywhere on mousepad. The right click menu would open up.

  • Two Finger Trick

The other way of doing a right click is to use the Apple MacBook two finger trick.

In order to enable this feature you would need to click on the menu located on the top left hand corner.

The next thing that you need to do is to click on system preferences followed by trackpad icon. Now make sure that the point and click tab at the top is selected in order to proceed to the next step.

You would see options like tap to click, secondary click, three finger drag etc. Select the secondary click option. Now you would be able to do a left click and a right click easily.

Take the pointer to an object on which you want to do a right click and place two fingers on the mouse pad. With the secondary click you do, the right click menu will open up.

right click on Macbook

  • Using an External Apple Mouse

In case performing the above two methods to do a right click is little tedious because you are not used to it then the best way out is to use an external Mac mouse.

Making use of a mouse makes sense as handling complex tasks like dealing with a long excel sheet or while making a presentation, it would become very difficult to either press the control option or to use a secondary click. It will take lot of time to do so. An external mouse is the perfect solution for the issue.