How to switch from Yahoo mail to Gmail



Are you tired of using Yahoo! Mail? Do you want to conveniently and painlessly shift to a new network like Gmail? Do you also want to move your emails and contacts without losing a single one, that you have gained over the years? Here are some ways you can do so.

  1. Get an account:

The first step is to create an account on Gmail. For this, go to and create your account. If you already have one then you can easily skip this step, but if not then it is important that you create one before anything else.

  1. Accounts and import:

Step 2 is that you log in to your Gmail account and click the gear icon in the right corner on top of the page. Then click settings. After you select the settings from the drop down menu in the gear, go to the accounts and import tab. Next, click on Import mail and contacts. In the pop-up window you will have to enter your Yahoo email address. Then, click continue. At this point you will be prompted to sign in to your other account which is Yahoo.

yahoomail to gmail

  1. Open Yahoo:

Your next step is to open a tab in your browser and sign in to your Yahoo account. Once you log in, click continue in the Gmail window. A pop-up will appear. It will ask you to verify our Gmail account’s access to your Yahoo account. In order to continue, you need to click on agree.


  1. Authorization:

Once you log in, and verify your access to both accounts, you will be prompted to close the pop-up window in order to continue. In a few seconds, the import options will appear in the window where you are logged in to your Gmail account.


  1. Scrubly:

If you think that duplicate accounts are killing the productivity of your transfer of information, then you should see a 100 second video on Scrubly in order to get some help. It will help you choose what you want to import. However, the only thing you have to pay attention to here, is a little box. Enabling the option will forward your information for the next thirty days in order to make sure that there are no stragglers in your account and if there are any you can avoid them. Now click start to import.


  1. Gmail import options:

Once the process starts you will be prompted to press an OK button. As you click this, it will close the pop-up window. The transfer/import process will take time depending on the amount of emails and contacts that you are importing. Be patient if your Yahoo account is large or old.


  1. Result:

Once the process of importing emails and contacts is complete you will see a new label in your Gmail sidebar that has the same name as the Yahoo account you imported from. This label is applied to every email after it is imported. This way, you can find your old Yahoo emails easily. Along with your emails, you will also be able to click on contacts in Gmail and see your Yahoo contacts all moved.