How To Unblock Instagram app in School Easily


Instagram is one of the most largest used apps in the world . Many people love to share their thoughts , moments in the form of pictures . as picture speaks louder than words. so it went viral so quickly .

Specially teenagers love it. but there are many networks which block Instagram-like offices and schools.

unblock instagram app in school

So big question for many of the users is how do they unblock Instagram app in school or office where they can use it easily. Annoying right? I understand . I was facing the same problem when one day i came to know school has blocked Instagram completely and some other social media sites.

Now where other people accepted this i was determined to find a way around. After a lot of research and stuff I finally found it.

Here is a working method how to bypass all the hurdles and reach your favourite destination online . lolz

  1. First you need VPN , You can go to app store and search for Free VPN , no need to pay for any thing
  2. You will get many apps , select any of it having good reviews and a lot of installs , now install it after downloading.
  3. Open up the VPN and connect to any location of US or Europe.
  4. Now if you open Instagram it will be still blocked but dont worry.
  5. open app setting and clear cache of Instagram and then it will work like a charm.

If you still can’t unblock it then restart your device . Instagram unblocked!

So now you know how to unblock Instagram at school then don’t forget to share 🙂